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How can I calculate the cost of replacing my roof?

Jul 24


While no one would like to pay for a roof repair, it's something we all must do at some time. There are two main things people consider when they are having the roof replaced.

They'd like it to be done right when they're planning to invest money in it. They also are concerned about the price. They'll be worried about the expense of replacing their roof by a reputable roofing firm close to Helotes.


These details will assist you understand the elements that affect the price of the replacement of your roof.

Here's a breakdown of typical cost of a roof replacement

Let's begin by looking at the average national cost. Then we can look into the specific elements that can drive the price up or down in the future. At a national level the cost of roofing replacement is $7211. This is an extremely exact number. But, there are many variables that could make or break the cost of replacing a roof.


Your home's area

The size of your home is among the most important elements that directly affect the price of replacing your roof. Do you remember the national median figure above? It is based on an typical roof costs of $400 to $550 per square.


What does this mean to you? What will it cost you to repair your roof? It means that the bigger your house and the greater square footage it is the greater amount of roofing material and work you'll need.


The roofing material

The kind of roofing material you select will also affect the price of replacing your roof. Shingles are a typical roofing material that lasts for several years.


The price of your project could be significantly higher if you opt to install concrete shingles instead of asphalt. The cost of replacing your roof with asphalt shingles has the average price of seven thousand dollars. However replacing a roof with concrete shingles could cost more than $20,000.


Metal roofing can be more costly than asphalt, however there are benefits that make it a desirable option. The value of a metal roof depends on the way your house is constructed and the amount of snow you get during winter.


Metal roofing is extremely beneficial as snow can fall directly onto your roof provided it doesn't get to the front of your house. This is the most significant advantage: you won't have to remove snow manually from your roof!


The Form of Your Roof

Although the shape of your roof might not be important to you, it's essential to professional helotes roofing. Additional safety equipment is needed if your roof is extremely steep or unique. This can increase the cost.


It's not just about getting an affordable price on roofing replacement, you also receive the most affordable price. South Texas' affordable roofing contractor understands your needs and that's why our rates are low. Request a quote on the cost of replacing your roof by scheduling a free consultation.

Shield roofing can help you save money on roofing replacement.



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