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 Things To Keep In Mind If You're Buying An Ecommerce Business

Jul 30

Buying a business is no less than a major investment. Especially if you are planning to buy an eCommerce business, it can open a whole lot of opportunities for you. As compared to buying a brick and mortar business, an eCommerce business can work wonders for you as you’ll be able to enjoy a larger market here. Not just that but eCommerce can help you scale efficiently without putting in much effort. 

However, just like before making any other investment, you are supposed to do your research when buying an eCommerce business. Once you know you’ve made the right decision, you can then opt for a brand value accelerator to increase your revenue and profit. 

Here are some of the most important considerations you should make when buying an eCommerce business; 

1-Find Out Why It’s On Sale 

The first thing you need to do is to know why the owner is selling his business in the first place. Determining the  reason is of utmost importance here because think about it? If an online store is profitable then why exactly would anyone want to sell it? This is where you should have a one on one conversation with the owner. Talk about why he wants to sell it out. Is it that the owner is unable to focus on the store? Is it that he can’t bring traffic to his site? If there’s no genuine reason then this is a red flag and it should ring alarm bells. You are supposed to continue with your due diligence before parting even a single dime. 

2-Are Sales Sustainable Or Not? 

An FBA broker will probably be putting all of his efforts into the store and doing his best to ensure that the sales are sustainable. Now when selling such a business, he/she would obviously tell you the same that the business is quite profitable to convince you to buy it. It’s on you to determine if the sales are sustainable or not and if the store is offering the kind products that’ll always be in demand? You see when the demand dies off, you’ll be left with almost nothing. So before making any decisions, learn about the products, check the store’s engagement and research the store to see if it’ll just bring you profit for a few months or will it work wonders for you throughout the year? 

3-Take The Seller’s Point Of View 

It is quite obvious that any seller would overvalue his business because he’s attached to it. You’ll be receiving an impressive information packet with a non-disclosure agreement. However, you should still dig deep and check if the business really is worth investing in. Check the online store properly, see what’s going on with it, how the seller is managing inventory, customer service and social media etc. In a nutshell, you are supposed to ask any question that comes to your mind regarding the store. It’s best if you first jot down your questions and ask literally everything you can about the store and the seller. In fact, you are even supposed to ask if there are some specific skills required for you to pick up the store from where the owner left. You can also ask the seller to first teach you those skills so as to run the store in a smooth and seamless way. 

4-What Are The Opportunities For Improvement?

No business is perfect and there’s always a chance of improvement. Especially when buying an eCommerce business, you are supposed to find different opportunities for improvement from your own perspective. What’s even better is to possess specific skills that the previous owner didn’t have like marketing or inventory churn. Such skills can help you turn the entire store and make it a more viable business property. 

Another important consideration is to talk to the suppliers and see if they can lower the cost of goods. This will ultimately increase your profit and you’ll be making more from the business than the previous owner did. 

5-The Website’s Design 

An eCommerce business isn’t just about unique and high quality goods with great customer service. In fact, for an online business to run successfully, the design and navigation of the website is more important. You shouldn’t just stick to the products and inventory management of the business but you should also have a look at the website. Do you find it messy? Is there anything you want to add to the design? Is the website attractive or not? These are some of the most important considerations you should make as a buyer. It’s best if you hire a professional here for some consultation and suggestions on how to make the online store more attractive and user friendly. It’s a fact that there are going to be several other businesses selling the same products as you. This is where it becomes necessary to stand out from the crowd with a great website with a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate. At the end of the day, your store’s success depends on your customers and customers nowadays want attractive, simple and user friendly websites. When you fulfil this requirement, you automatically increase your chances of getting potential customers for your business. 


These are some important factors to consider when buying an eCommerce store. This is what FBA aggregators do and these are the footsteps that you should follow too. With such important considerations, it’ll become easier and clearer for you to make a decision whether you should buy the store or not. If the store has the potential to bring you more profit and more sales then you should definitely go for it and make this major investment. Overall, it's obvious that you’ll have to make some changes to the store after you buy it and it’s better to seek professional help here to turn the business around in your favor.